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Are you looking for multiple sclerosis care in London?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that affects around 130,000 people in the UK.

As the disease progresses, individuals with MS may experience a range of symptoms, including fatigue, muscle weakness, and difficulty with coordination and balance. In-home care services can be an excellent option for individuals with MS who wish to remain in their own homes while receiving the support and assistance they need to manage their symptoms. These services can include assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, and mobility support, among others, and can help individuals with MS to maintain their independence and quality of life.

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Multiple Sclerosis Care

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Multiple Sclerosis Care

Multiple Sclerosis Support Designed For You

Caring for a loved one with multiple sclerosis can be a challenging responsibility that may impact your personal life. At Tiggo Care, we understand the difficulties that MS can bring to families. Our team will collaborate with you to assess your loved one's needs and create a customised care plan that prioritises their quality of life. With their care needs taken care of, you can focus on spending valuable time with them. We offer a range of services, from daily visits to live-in care, to ensure that your loved one is safe and well-cared for in their own home.

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What to expect with our multiple sclerosis care service

Personalised care

Our home care service for people with multiple sclerosis offers a personalised approach to care, tailoring assistance to their unique needs, preferences, and goals. From assistance with daily tasks to specialised care, a personalised care plan can help to enhance the individual's well-being and independence while allowing them to remain at home for as long as possible.

24/7 Assistance

Round-the-clock live-in care is an ideal solution for individuals with advanced needs or medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis. With live-in care, a caregiver will be available in the home at all times, providing both emotional and physical support. Caregivers will be able to respond promptly to unforeseen tasks or emergencies that may arise, such as sudden illness or injury.

Familiarity and comfort

Home care allows individuals with multiple sclerosis to receive care in a familiar and comfortable environment, which can reduce stress and anxiety associated with hospital admission or relocating to a residential care home. A familiar setting with cherished belongings can trigger memories and improve cognitive function. It promotes comfort, security, and independence by allowing them to maintain their daily routine.

More reasons to consider our home care

Take a look here at the full list of activities our care assistants can support you with.

Other ways we can support your post operative recovery:

  • Escort to appointments, such as GP or dentist
  • Prescription collections
  • Personal assistance with paperwork and bills
  • Support to attend local activities and events
  • Feedings pets
  • Light gardening
  • Companionship
  • Emergency response

A Day In The Life With Maria

Headshot of a care assistant

"Supporting people with Multiple sclerosis has been incredibly rewarding. Every day is different, but one thing remains constant: the opportunity to make a real difference in someone's life. It's truly inspiring to see how my assistance can positively impact their day and improve their overall well-being. There's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing you've made a meaningful impact in someone's life."

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Who We Can Provide Multiple Sclerosis Care Services To

Finding exceptional multiple sclerosis care in London is possible

From Acton to Dulwich and Notting Hill to Wimbledon - wherever you live in London, our carers are ready to support you.

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Why choose Tiggo Care?

Our Multiple Sclerosis Care is based on personal experience

We understand, first-hand how important it is to secure flexible and bespoke home care for your loved one.

Chris Williams, Founder of Tiggo Care

“Tiggo Care is born out of my own personal experiences, following my struggle to find suitable care for my parents, both of whom lived with rare diseases..."

Chris Williams - Tiggo Care Founder

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More reasons to choose Tiggo Care

Our Care packages are bespoke

At Tiggo Care we understand how precious your loved one is to you and how unique they are. We also appreciate how overwhelming it can be to research and source the most suitable type of care.

We fundamentally believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ care package and like to work with you and your loved one to understand your specific requirements. We’ll then create a tailored care package and match your relative with their ideal carer.

We're fully regulated

Unlike some other care providers, we are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This means we are regularly inspected, rated and audited to ensure we are a safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led organisation, committed to delivering the best possible care.

We’re also proud members of the Homecare Association, the U.K’s membership body for home care providers, which holds organisations to a high set of standards and requests them to abide by a strict code of practice

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Our carers are fully vetted & trained

At Tiggo Care, all of our carers undergo a rigorous recruitment and induction process. They are fully vetted and background checked, with all references followed up. Our carers undertake their training on the best eLearning system currently available within the UK care market, ensuring they are well placed to deliver the best possible service. Specialist training courses such as moving and handling, medications and basic life support are also completed by our carers face to face, as we feel these courses are more effective when delivered in person.

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And that’s it. You’re all set! We’ll introduce you to your loved one’s carer and the whole team, who’ll be able to provide you with all the ongoing support you’ll need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services are included in multiple sclerosis home care?

Multiple sclerosis home care can include a range of services, such as assistance with personal care, mobility support, medication management, and household tasks.

Can I choose the same care assistant to provide care to me or my loved one with multiple sclerosis?

Tiggo Care strives to provide continuity of care, which means that you can choose to work with the same care assistant whenever possible. However, if you require more than two visits per day every day of the week we will need to include multiple care assistants in the package to ensure our care assistants can have a break and to comply with working time regulations.

How much does multiple sclerosis home care cost?

The cost of multiple sclerosis home care varies depending on the level of care needed and the location.

What should I expect during the initial assessment for MS home care services?

During the initial assessment, we will typically evaluate your needs, preferences, and overall health. We will also ask questions about the home environment and any existing support systems in place. This information will be used to create a personalised care plan.

How do I know if my loved one needs MS home care?

If your loved one is struggling with symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis, such as muscle weakness, balance issues, fatigue, or cognitive impairment, they may benefit from MS home care services. A care assessment can help determine their specific needs.

Unsure which service is best for you?

Contact our care team using the form below or by calling our office and we'll organise a free consultation to advise you on your specific care needs.

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