A Leading home care agency in London

Tiggo Care is a leading care agency in London, focused on providing adults with exemplary, bespoke care in the place they feel most comfortable - their home.

We passionately believe

that delivering personalised and bespoke home care can help those with complex needs live happier and more fulfilled lives without needing to move to a care home.

We pride ourselves

in involving our clients in the design of their own care package - one that helps them to safeguard their independence, protect their dignity and improve their quality of life.

We understand

how important it is for those we care for to feel respected and listened to and for them to know that they retain control and choice over decisions about their care.

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Our Values


As a leading London care agency, we aim to deliver top-quality care to all of our clients. Not only are our clients’ needs carefully assessed and their care packages thoughtfully designed, but our well-trained staff will ensure that they are compassionately delivered.


We understand how confusing and daunting arranging care can be and we‘re here to make things easier. We are always available to discuss any queries you have or concerns that may arise. We welcome feedback so that we can continuously review and improve our services.


We are committed to delivering care to the highest possible standard and so we strive to ensure that our systems use the best technology available. This ensures our carer assistants spend more time caring and less time completing paperwork.


You only live once, so whether you’re one of our wonderful clients or part of our incredible team, we want you to focus on having fun and enjoying life! We believe life is richer when we connect with others, make memories, laugh hard and love deeply.

Home Care Based On Personal Experience

Growing up, my day to day reality revolved around my parents' poor health. Both my father and mother were seriously ill with long-term health conditions. As such, regular hospital admissions and operations became the norm. After my father passed away from a rare kidney disease, my mother developed trigeminal neuralgia, a rare and debilitating condition characterised by sudden and often severe facial pain. The condition, comes and goes, but can last for days, weeks or months at a time.

As an only child, I became my mother’s primary carer. However, it wasn’t long before her condition began to worsen. During particularly bad bouts of neuralgia, my mother would be unable to talk or eat and was unwilling to leave the house. I knew then that I would have to secure additional help and so I started exploring the idea of bringing someone in to assist her. As I started contacting local organisations, I was immediately struck by how difficult it was to even get hold of anyone and then to get them to understand my mother’s unique condition and bespoke care needs.

It was this experience that prompted me to set up my own organisation – one that would not only support and care for people with mainstream diseases, but also those with more unfamiliar conditions, who would require more intermittent care.

With a background in human sciences and epidemiology from Oxford University and a career in the health care industry, I felt my academic knowledge and professional experience aligned perfectly.

And so Tiggo Care was born - rooted in my own lived experience and grounded in both an understanding of the complexities of rare diseases and an awareness of the need for a more flexible and bespoke approach to care.

We want to provide families across London and surrounding areas with a unique care option – one that puts them and their loved ones at the heart of the decision-making process, gives them greater personal choice and control over their care and delivers a truly bespoke service to the highest standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide exceptional bespoke care to adults across London, enabling them to live independent and happy lives at home.

We're fully regulated

Unlike some other care providers, we are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This means we are regularly inspected, rated and audited and ensures that we are a safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led organisation, committed to delivering the best possible care.

We’re also proud members of the Homecare Association, the U.K’s membership body for home care providers, which holds organisations to a high set of standards and requests them to abide by a strict code of practice.

Since launching we've been recognised locally by homecare.co.uk and Age UK as one of the top providers of home care in South West London.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is home care?

Live-in care is the day-to-day practical and emotional support provided by a caregiver who has moved into the same home as the person they’re caring for. It enables those cared for to feel safe and independent in a familiar setting.

What is a domiciliary carer?

A domiciliary carer is someone who provides you with extra support in your own home. This might include help with personal care such as washing, dressing, bathing and shaving, support with household tasks such as meal preparation and cleaning, companionship, mobility assistance or medication reminders.

What is the difference between home care and a care home?

Home care is flexible care delivered within your own home. It can be tailored to your needs and scheduled to suit you. A care home provides accommodation, personal care and support to people who are unable to live independently in their own homes.

What is personal care?

As we grow older, some personal hygiene tasks, such as washing, dressing, bathing, shaving, teeth brushing and continence care can become more challenging. Personal care is help offered to people who are struggling with these tasks. It can help to maintain a person’s well-being and boost their confidence.

What is the role of a home care worker?

The role of a home care worker is to provide you with flexible care and support within your own home. They’ll take care of the more mundane day-to-day chores so that you can continue to enjoy your life and live as independently as possible.

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