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Domestic Tasks

Is your loved one finding everyday tasks increasingly more challenging? Are they struggling to get their evening meal ready? Is giving their home a light clean proving too exhausting for them? 

If your loved one needs support with household chores such as meal preparation, hoovering and dusting, or washing and ironing, our live-in carers can help. 

They’ll get busy with the mundane, practical chores, freeing up time for your loved one to do what they love doing most – whether that’s pottering in the garden or simply catching up with a friend over coffee.

A male carer cleaning dishes on behalf of an elderly woman
A carer cleaning a woman's foot

Personal care

Everyone is unique and as we get older our needs and challenges differ. 

If your loved one is at the stage where they are finding elements of their personal care more difficult to manage, our carers can step in and assist them. 

Whether they’re having trouble visiting the toilet, brushing their teeth, bathing or shaving, our compassionate carers will be on hand – day and night, to offer help discreetly and sensitively.

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Mobility assistance

Staying active as we grow older has enormous benefits not simply for our physical health but for our emotional wellbeing too. 

Are you keen that your relative continues to get out and about and keep active, but are worried about them having a fall? 

Rest assured, our live-in carers are trained to help your loved one move about their home safely. They can also ensure they feel less vulnerable and steadier on their feet by accompanying them on walks to the local shops or park. Or if it’s just some gentle exercises at home your loved one would prefer to do, our carers are more than happy to supervise these.

A carer helping an elderly man with a zimmer frame
A carer escorting an elderly woman on a walk through a park


Older people are particularly vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation. Age UK reports that more than 2 million people over the age of 75 live alone and more than a million older adults say that they can go for over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member. 

Increasing frailty, retirement, the death of a partner, or a decline in contact time with family members can leave older relatives feeling lonely, which in turn can trigger a rapid deterioration in their emotional health.At Tiggo Care, we understand that it can be hard to visit your loved one as frequently as you’d like to. 

That’s why we ensure that your relative is compatibility matched with the perfect carer who’ll get to know them, build a bond with them and provide them with the companionship they’re seeking and the continuity of care they deserve.

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Medication reminders

Are you worried that your loved one might forget to take their medication? Perhaps you’re concerned that they may not be able to administer the correct dosage? 

Let Tiggo Care put your mind at ease. Your loved one’s health needs are our top priority. All of our carers are specially trained to administer medication and are capable of supporting your relative with their medication routines. They can even provide advice on dietary matters, so you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is eating healthily and staying on top of their medication schedule.

A carer taking a pill out of a blister pack
An elderly man wearing mask being given a piece of paper

Emergency response

As our relatives grow older, one of the biggest worries we have is that if they fall critically ill, we won’t be there to look after them and get them to hospital. 

With a live-in carer, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your loved one has someone with them around the clock, and that if they do fall ill suddenly, they won’t be alone. Our carers are trained to respond calmly and promptly to any emergency situation and will be able to get your loved one the medical attention they need straight away.

Other tasks

  • Escort to appointments, such as GP or dentist
  • Prescription collections
  • Personal assistance with paperwork and bills
  • Support to attend local activities and events
  • Feedings pets
  • Meal preparation
  • Shopping (online and trips to the local shop)
  • Assistance with physiotherapy / exercise
  • Light gardening
A cat drinking out of a bowl held by a carer
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