Our Founder Unveils A New Partnership With QCS

Chris Williams
December 20, 2023

Recently, our Managing Director, Chris Williams, sat down for an insightful interview with QCS, where he spoke about his motivation for starting Tiggo Care and how QCS helps us to achieve our goal of providing exceptional bespoke care to adults across London. In this exclusive conversation, Chris delves into the core values that drive Tiggo Care's success and the role that QCS plays in supporting our mission.

A Personal Journey

During the interview, Chris shares a heartfelt personal journey that became the catalyst for Tiggo Care's existence. Chris' experience growing up with parents who both had rare diseases inspired him to start a care agency that understands and addresses the unique challenges of individuals with rare diseases. This personal touch is what makes Tiggo Care more than just a care provider; it's a compassionate partner in the journey towards well-being.

Technology and Efficiency

Before starting Tiggo Care, Chris had a software business that was part of Y-Combinator. Chris uses his experience of running this technology company to enhance the quality of care delivered to our clients. For example, Chris discusses the role of automation and custom code in streamlining operations, allowing our staff to focus on what matters most: providing quality care.

Partnership with QCS

Chris expresses gratitude for QCS's unwavering support and highlights the pivotal role QCS plays in supporting our compliance. However, there's much more to this partnership than meets the eye — watch the video to learn more.

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